Does Creatine Make You Taller? Must Read Before Taking It.

does creatine make you taller

The effects of creatine on exercise capacity and muscle physiology in trained and untrained individuals have been examined in more than 500 research studies, making it one of the more extensively researched dietary supplements. We will discuss whether taking creatine makes you taller and, if so, how it accomplishes this.

Due to its role in boosting the hormone growth hormone levels, which promotes human growth, dietary creatine makes you taller. Additionally, creatine aids in the inhibition of myostatin, which has been found to have detrimental effects on human stature and cell proliferation.

How Does Creatine Affect Your Growth Height?

By stimulating protein synthesis, creatine often accelerates the pace of cell development in the body.

Let us quickly review how humans get taller before moving on to the effectiveness of creatine for height gain. Most of the skeleton in a newborn is composed of soft cartilage, which is eventually replaced by hard bones.

This lengthy process of bone growth takes roughly 19–20 years to finish.

As a result, the ends of children’s and adolescents’ long bones contain delicate growth plates (like leg bones). These tissues expand and strengthen in response to nutrition and growth hormones.

But with time, squishy cartilage gives way to hard bones, which stay the same length despite being fed an abundance of nutrients and hormones.

As a result, you can grow taller with the right supplements until you reach adulthood.

How does creatine affect human growth?

Because blood myostatin levels fall after creatine administration, creatine generally has an impact on growth. Myostatin reduces muscle hypertrophy by inhibiting myoblast cell development and proliferation. This implies that inhibiting myostatin activity may be helpful for accelerating growth.

Please remember that this only applies to kids and teenagers, of course.

Whether you take creatine or not, the growth rate slows down with age and eventually stops by late adolescence.

Why? Read on

• Growth begins quickly in adolescence and slows down over time until it finally stops when an organism reaches its adult size.

This indicates that creatine can make people taller, but only if they are younger. That is all for those over the age of adolescence.

•Genetics has the greatest influence on human growth. In fact, 70–90% of adult stature is thought to be genetically fixed (Hao et al. 2013).

However, in addition to hormonal, environmental, and dietary influences, nutrition also has an impact on human growth.

When it comes to dietary intake, the majority of studies have shown how malnutrition affects the final adult height permanently.

For instance, Dr Suvarna Jain’s research has demonstrated that chronic malnutrition can result in growth hormone resistance and elevated cortisol levels, both of which are associated with stunted growth.

What is resistance to growth hormones? Growth hormone resistance, also known as growth hormone insensitivity or deficit, is a condition in which growth hormone is ineffective. The body cannot utilize the growth hormone it produces due to a rare genetic condition.

Optimal Creatine for Height Gain

The creatine supplement we suggest is Crazy Nutrition’s CRN5 if you want to get taller, more muscular, and healthier.

We can tell you from our experience in bodybuilding and fitness that Crazy Nutrition creates supplements that are incredibly effective.

And the thing I particularly appreciate about this company is the way they apply scientific knowledge to come up with novel solutions for supplement side effects like allergies, gastrointestinal discomfort, and anxiety.

You may be confident that their products are secure and effective because of science. Their expertise is clearly demonstrated by CRN-5, whose formulation guarantees that you will have fewer side effects while receiving greater benefits.

Because of this, hundreds of gym junkies and fitness enthusiasts, including many training specialists, trust it.

Let us examine its components to see how it spread via word of mouth;

Benefits and ingredients

CRN-5, as its name implies, is a combination of five different creatine derivatives. These include tri-creatine malate, citrate pyruvate, ethyl ester, and creatine monohydrate.

Consequently, it would be simpler for you to keep a high serum creatine level and to load on creatine more efficiently with the help of this supplement. Additionally, by doing this, you’ll probably avoid the negative consequences of taking a derivative in excessive dosages.

In addition, these five ingredients optimize the product’s benefits and boost one another’s growth-promoting effects. As a result, the energy molecule (ATP), whose synthesis depends on the presence of creatine reserves in cells, would never run out in your body.

This supplement contains beta carotene in addition to creatine forms, which further accelerates growth. It was discovered that it enhances body growth and reproductive capacity in experimental animal experiments.

Additionally, it contains minerals derived from the sea, such as Aquamin’s magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, which improve the absorption of extra creatine.

In addition, these minerals restore electrolyte levels in bodily fluids that were lost through sweating or absorbed throughout the workout.

It comes in two flavors: mango and orange if you prefer something sweet and lime/lemon if you prefer something with a citrusy kick.

It costs $34.99 per tub from the Crazy Nutrition official store (30 servings). It is also possible to subscribe, which brings the cost down to $24.99.

The business offers all dissatisfied customers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is another financial benefit.


• Suitable for vegans.

• Offers 5 derivatives of creatine.

• Has electrolytes and minerals.

• Two delectable flavors.

• There is no caffeine present.


• Sucralose is present.


In summary, creatine can increase height because it inhibits myostatin and promotes growth hormone, especially in the early years of life. It has been demonstrated that kids that ingest more creatine per day than 1 gram are taller than their contemporaries. However, food, not artificial supplements, has historically been the main source of dietary creatine.

Just to be clear, even though creatine is one of the most researched dietary supplements and is generally well tolerated, I still wouldn’t give it to my kids. substitute ground beef that has been fed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does creatine stunt growth?

No evidence exists to suggest that creatine hinders growth. In reality, research demonstrates that dietary creatine accelerates growth and hence raises body mass, height, and BMI.

2. Is creatine a human growth hormone?

Creatine is not a human growth hormone in and of itself.
However, if your muscles are loaded with it, it produces a greater release of growth hormone, boosts protein synthesis, and muscle fiber elongation.

3. At age 20, does creatine make you taller?

No, taking creatine supplements at age 20 or later has little to no impact on height development. At age 20, bones have reached their maximum size, and growth factors such as a healthy diet and levels of growth hormones do not cause bones to grow taller. Instead, only adult body mass and muscular strength are impacted by these parameters, not height.

4. At age 16, does creatine make you taller?

If you are 16 years old, creatine can help you grow taller. Your bones are still growing and have active growth plates at the age of 16. So your bones can grow taller if you give them appropriate nutrition.

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