Does Toner Damage Hairs? Myth Busted. Must Read

Answering the question ‘ does toner damage hair,’ we would say that yes, it can damage your hair. Every kind of chemical can damage your hair, mainly if your hair structure gets changed. But all toners don’t affect the hair’s internal structure after using them. But, you should know that all toners don’t change the internal structure of the hair. Therefore, using it is not as damaging as bleach.

Using a toner can give you both benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, it is a very complex product despite being famous. Ensure that you know about the pros and cons of toner properly so that it will not worsen the hair damage. So, let’s know: “Does Toner damage Hair or not.”

What Is Hair Toner?

Hair toner can be used to add a finishing touch after the lightening procedure so that you can get your desired hair color. The toner is helpful in managing hair tone and removing brassiness. In addition, it helps to increase the color and bring warmth to the hair.

Moreover, toners help to include additional dimensions so that your hair can get a natural look. If you want to give a shiny look to your hair, then using toners is a great solution.

Which Toner Can Damage Your Hair?

Remember, toners are not one specific product. These toners are available as shampoo, conditioner, gloss, and color. So, which one to choose? Before knowing the fact, you should know the signs that will let you know your hair needs repairing.

What Are The Signs Which Alert You About This?

does toner damage hair

Does Toner Damage Hair? We have given here a few signs seeing which you can ensure that the hair requires repair:

  • Your hair won’t hold color.
  • Hair is dull and lifeless.
  • Your hair is dry and brittle.
  • The strand breaks easily.
  • You have split ends.
  • Your curls don’t bounce back.
  • Your hair feels like straw.

Are Toners Able To Lighten Your Hair?

No, these don’t lighten your hair. People believe that a level 8 blonde is enough for silver hair when they use a toner after bleaching. But remember that it isn’t true.

Toners are unable to replace the lightning method that bleaching does. You should know that it helps to make the color perfect, a color that you already have. Once you complete the process on your hair, you will see your hair looking brighter as it becomes cooler-toned.

How Can You Repair Damaged Hair?

does toner damage hair

Does toner damage hair? There is nothing to worry about. Follow these tips to save your hair.

  • You must apply shampoo, specially formulated if you have color-treated hair.
  • Ensure that you do not use drastic lightening of hair. You should use any 3 shades of natural hair color.
  • It is essential to keep your hair protected from the Sun. Hence, you should not spend excessive time under direct sunlight. Wearing a hat can help you in this case.
  • Before you use a relaxer, you need to consult a professional to prevent long-term hair damage.
  • While treating hair by coloring, perming, or relaxing, you should allow your hair to rest for a while.
  • Ensure that you use conditioner once you wash your hair.
  • You need to minimize heat on your hair when you use hot showers or heat styling tools.
  • You have to go with those hair products which match your hair type.
  • Don’t use salt water or chlorinated water. However, you can use a swimming cap if required.

How Often Is It Essential To Tone Your Hair Without Damaging It?

Toning hair means checking your hair. So, you need to check your hair to ensure everything is balanced. But you should not use it so often that it can damage hair.

Do you know how often it is essential to tone hair? According to the experts, toning for one time in seven days is enough when you use toning shampoos. You should use powerful toners only when it is required, for instance – if your hair is orange or brassy or bleached or if you have colored your hair.

Take help from a professional colorist, if you don’t know how often you need to tone your hair. Depending on your requirements, they will let you determine the most effective schedule to tone your hair. But if you use toner wisely, these can make your hair look fabulous.

What Will Happen When You Leave The Toner On Too Long?

Have you ever used toner? Then you might know that you should leave it for 5 to 20 minutes as per the instructions. Make sure that you are not leaving it on for long. But what if you do that mistakenly? The first thing you should know is that toner is not a permanent solution for hair color. It is a kind of process through which brassy yellow or orange tones get neutralized in your hair. Therefore, you will not face any major damage after leaving this for a long time.

But leaving this on for more than thirty minutes can dry out your hair. As a result, your hair may look a little bit dull. In addition, it will lead to the deposit of excessive color on your strands. So, a permanent change is required to the available shade. Are you blonde? Then, using a violet toner allows you to experience purple hues which are left behind in the hair.

But whether you have Brunette hair, or use a green toner that will leave an ashy green mess. Ensure that you are careful while using hair toner.

How Long Do These Last On Your Hair?

does toner damage hair

Toners are temporary solutions for unnecessary hair colors. Generally, the toners last from 2 to 6 weeks, while a few of them last up to 8 weeks.

The duration of lasting a toner depends on the toner type that you use, how often you wash your hair, and so on. Use a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner to make it long-lasting. Use dry shampoo when you wash if necessary to enhance the longevity of the hair color. But ensure that you are not overdoing this because it may give a dull look to your hair. You can consult a professional colorist if you don’t know how long the toner can last.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does toner damage curly hair?

Ans- It can damage your hair. When you apply any chemical altering the hair structure, remember that it is harmful to your hair. But you must know one thing: all toners do not change the hair’s internal structure.

2. Does purple toner damage your hair?

Ans- The main reason to design this is to eliminate brassiness from hair. However, you can find a build-up on strands when you misuse it. As a result, strands may become dull.

3. Does salon toner damage hair?

Ans- Yes, it can make your hair damaged.

4. Does Wella t18 toner damage your hair?

Ans- This one can damage your hair like bleach. Wella T18 has ammonia inside it. Hence, you should know that ammonia can change the pH of your hair and lift the cuticle. Remember that if you are using any item that is able to lift cuticles, it can damage your hair.


While using the toners, make sure that you are careful. Applying the toner to damp and clean hair allows the product to move with ease. We know that applying toner can help to boost hair color. But you should use a toner with care so that it cannot damage your hair. But ensure that you follow instructions on the product properly and use it as directed. People who do not know how often they should tone their hair should have a consultation with a professional colorist. We hope that after going through the article, you have come to know the answer to the question “Does Toner Damage Hair.”
What if toner makes hair fall out? Whenever you wash, it will fade if you are using 10 or 20-volume developers. Remember that each toning may cause dryness to the hair. If you use excessive toner after coloring, you can find strain on hair strands causing hair dryness. In addition, when you use permanent toners, you must mix them properly. Otherwise, it may damage your hair.
However, you can use toner on your bleached hair. But you should not use it excessively. Toners containing ammonia change the hair structure to create a new color. It can make your hair brittle, and dry.

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