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A calisthenics back workout is an exercise that can help you make powerful muscles in your core. These workouts use body weight, bars, bands, and rings, enabling your body weight to give resistance. Many activities can hit each angle of your back like erectors, lats, rear delts, etc. So, making a calisthenics back workout routine is essential.

Top Five Best Calisthenics Back Workouts:

Inverted Row/TRX Row— Calisthenics Back Workout Intermediate:

Inverted Row/TRX Row

The workout’s target portion is mainly the back and biceps. Hence, you should use a bar set at your adjustable height. Otherwise, you can use TRX cables to move more easily at the wrists. Thus, you can feel more comfortable. However, you should be conscious as the moving handles can make it harder.

  • Hence, you should keep your weight on the heels of your feet and grab the bar or handles.
  • Now hang from handles or bars. After that, you should row up your back using the power of your arms & back.
  • Then, you should complete one set in which you should do eight reps minimum and perform a total of 3 sets.
  • When you can not easily complete raps, try moving your feet closer to make the angle less extreme.
  • Make sure that you are not allowing the hips to sag. And the core must be tight throughout.

Weighted Wide Grip Pull-Up— Advanced Calisthenics Back Workout:

Weighted Wide Grip Pull-Up

This calisthenics back workout is mainly for the back and biceps.

You need to perform the calisthenics for the back and biceps as a chin-up with a double overhand grip & hands wider than shoulder width.

  • You have to hang from the bar and then pull up yourself to allow your chest to touch the bar & eyes are above it.
  • Perform sets of at least eight reps. Suppose you have found it very simple. Hence, you can use a weight belt to add resistance. Besides, you can even use a backpack full of heavy objects!
  • Then, you need to lead with the chest.
  • Try to maintain an arch in a natural way in the back.
  • Finally, you should straighten your hands at the bottom. Otherwise, it turns out to be a ‘cheat rep.’ But you need to make a calisthenics biceps and back workout routine in this case.

Wall Pulls— Calisthenics Back Workout Without Bar:

Anyone can do this wall pull to start activating the horizontal pulling muscles. In this case, your task is to use a doorway frame to perform the workout.

  • You should look for a pole or a doorway frame which can help you to support the body weight.
  • Then, you must use your hands to grab your door at the sternum level.
  • Try to keep your feet near the frame. Then, you must lean back, allowing you to extend your hands.
  • Leaning back more gives you more challenges when you do exercises.
  • Then, your task is to pull yourself toward the frame until the chest touches it.
  • Ensure that you drive your elbows back to retract all of your back muscles. It is possible to perform the exercise with one hand.

If you want to make it more difficult, you should lower your arms, enabling you to pull closer from the waistline. Next, hold the end range for three seconds and gently lower yourself for three seconds. Perform it 15-20 times per set.

Pull Ups — Calisthenics Back Workout With Bar:

Calisthenics Back Workout

This one is the best upper body compound exercise which doesn’t need any introduction.

  • First, you need to grab the pull-up bar with an overhand grip. Make sure that it is wider compared to the shoulder-width grip. You should know that a wide grip can emphasize the lat muscles more.
  • Now, you have to rotate your hands externally to separate the bar.
  • Engage the core and squeeze the glutes.
  • Drive the chest to the bar. Ensure that you don’t drive and pull up your chain.
  • You must keep your arms neutral, and there is no need to move the chin.
  • Lower the back portion down gently to the beginning position.
  • You have to perform 3-12 reps per set depending on your strength. Chin-ups can be used as it uses an underhand grip.

Superman— Calisthenics Back Workout Beginner:


It is mainly for the lower and upper back, abs, glutes, shoulders, and so on. This beginner calisthenics back workout is an excellent workout allowing you to create strength and stamina all over the body.

If you want to do this calisthenics full-back workout, these are the steps that you should follow.

  • After laying your face down on an exercise mat, outstretch your hands in front of you.
  • Then, you should lift up your hands & legs off the ground. Stretch your entire body down the back and use your power in the upper back so that the upper body can be raised.
  • Next, you should hold for some seconds and lower thereafter. It is one rep.

The Best Calisthenic Back Exercises:

We have named a few exercises and categorized them into two sections.

Upper-Back Bodyweight Exercises:

  • Cobra
  • Scapular Wall Slides
  • Bodyweight Reverse Flys
  • YET
  • Bodyweight Rows
  • Wall Pulls
  • Pull-ups
  • Front Lever Raises
  • Back Lever

Lower-Back Bodyweight Exercises:

  • Supermans
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Back Raises
  • Lat Exercises
  • Wall Pulls
  • Body Rows
  • Pull-ups
  • Front Lever Raises

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you build your back with calisthenics?

Ans- People who want to have a wider back must try calisthenics exercises. While it allows you to increase the size of your back, it enables you to make stronger muscles.

2. Is calisthenics better for your back?

Ans- These are actually movements that can produce strength by using the body weight. These can help you strengthen muscles around the back and core. According to some research, we must do bodyweight exercises because it is both cost-effective & safe for lower back pain.

3. Is calisthenics harder than bodybuilding?

Ans- We know that, when it comes to talking about absolute strength, bodybuilders are stronger than calisthenics athletes. The reason is that your body weight is limited in calisthenics, while the added resistance is not limited to weight-lifting training.

4. Is it OK to do calisthenics every day?

Ans- Yes, you can do it daily. But there is no necessity to train every day. Ensure that you know how training is different from moving. You must move daily, like a minimum of a 20 min handstand practice or 20 burpees, or you should do 10 min of yoga.

5. Can I get ripped from calisthenics?

Ans- You can get ripped from calisthenics. However, if you want to build muscles with calisthenics, it will require more detail.

6. Is calisthenics healthier than the gym?

Ans- If you use your body weight only, calisthenics can give you more safety than weight lifting. You can feel less stress on the joints and more power because these exercises strengthen the joints. It has fewer injury risks compared to being crushed by a 100kg weight.

7. Do MMA fighters lift weights or do calisthenics?

Ans- Almost all fighters in MMA use any type of calisthenics in their training. While this workout can create power, it can contribute to cardio conditioning. Besides, the workout can let your body move naturally.

8. Is 20 minutes of calisthenics enough?

Ans- These require thirty to forty minutes to provide necessary benefits. The time is expected to be sufficient to do different calisthenic exercises like the push, pull, and leg muscles.

9. What are the disadvantages of calisthenics?

Ans- There is no increase in weight resistance in calisthenics, and it is a drawback of this workout. While it is true that body weight helps to strengthen & tone muscles, you can reach a plateau.


The article covers the top five best calisthenics exercises to train your back in different ways, like with a bar, without a bar, for beginners, intermediate and advanced. So, without wasting time, you should try these workouts.

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