10 Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Workplace Wellness and Productivity

When it comes to talking about health & fitness, yoga plays a great role. After the pandemic, we have seen offices reopening while workers have returned to their workplaces. Many corporates find the struggle real. Therefore, they have begun to implement corporate wellness programs, and introducing corporate yoga in the workplace is one of these.

Modern employers recognize why employees should be happy at the workplace. While the forward-thinking approach is humane, it is also practical. The reason is that employee morale has a direct connection to productivity.

What Is Corporate Yoga?

Corporate yoga represents a form of corporate wellness that can be done via teaching yoga and performing simple yoga stretches, postures, breathing techniques, etc. Besides, remember that doing meditation is important for the staff of corporations. Its primary target is increasing the mental or physical well-being of the workplace. Additionally, the target of corporate yoga should be to save the corporation money regarding employee-related expenses.

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What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Yoga?

Corporate yoga benefits are as follows:-

Increased Energy:

Everyone wants to balance their family and work life. Working 6-8 hours per day can create stress, causing fatigue, leading to lowering energy and reducing blood circulation. But if you do any type of physical exercise, even moderate stretching, it can boost blood circulation. Thus, it can produce energy. Performing dynamic movements helps to boost blood flow throughout the body. Moreover, it can decrease fatigue. You can perform easy yoga exercises and stretches at your workplace for a short period and get the benefits of corporate yoga.

Reduce Stress:

We all know that working for long hours can give us stress which is one of the major aspects affecting workplace productivity along with employee health. As a result, companies might need to encounter substantial monetary losses.

Sometimes, companies see increased employee absenteeism, turnover, workplace accidents, and reduced productivity. It is the reason employees and employers need to decrease stress in the workplace. Corporate yoga is one of the most effective ways to deal with the issue. Performing yoga can decrease cortisol, the stress hormone. So, you must take out your time for performing yoga so that it can help to reduce stress.

Increase Confidence:

Always try to be fit physically and flexible. It helps to create confidence in yourself. The exercises are designed in a way that can make you more flexible. In addition, these can improve muscle strength and cardiovascular health. If a person has more flexibility, he or she becomes more confident. And confidence helps to improve other important aspects of life.

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Improve Posture:

Corporate employees work for long hours by sitting on chairs. This awkward position is not natural. Therefore it can be detrimental to their health, resulting in back and neck pain. These can further hamper their productivity. One of the major reasons people want to do corporate yoga is back pain. It helps to give you relief from the pain through its stretches and poses. When you perform corporate yoga, the poses will stretch important muscle groups. Thus, it can make you more flexible.

Better Immunity:

Yoga is not like weight training or another exercise that focus on only specific body parts. Practicing yoga daily helps to improve your body entirely by strengthening the immune system and stimulating the lymphatic system. It helps to maintain blood circulation and bring oxygenated blood to the internal organs. In addition, it lets you reduce stress and eliminate aches & pains. Therefore, employees must spend their time practicing corporate yoga.

Increased Focus:

Your decision-making capability can be affected due to the crunching deadlines, heavy workloads, and uncountable meetings. It helps to impede their concentration capability.

Practicing yoga, like meditation and poses, will drive away the mental clutter. Thus, you can be more focused and remain alert in your work. It helps to improve blood circulation also in the brain. Always remember that meditation is the best way to have a focused mind.

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Improve Breathing:

Yoga includes some breathing exercises that teach how people should inhale & exhale deeply. Deep breathing helps to boost lung capacity and the oxygen amount in the body. More oxygen in your body makes you more energetic and fuels you through tough work schedules. If your body doesn’t have enough oxygen, it can cause nausea and tiredness. That’s why it is essential to learn to breathe properly to attain enough oxygen for your body.

Increase Morale:

You can get frustrated and angry with employees if you have stress at work. It results in you being less productive and less motivated. If you are not well mentally & physically, it can hamper your morale. Practicing yoga allows you to increase your mood. Therefore, you can keep your anger at bay

Increase Creativity:

If you want to boost your focus level and concentration, you must practice yoga. It increases concentration and better focus.
When practicing yoga daily, helps to support and broaden creative expression. Inner emotions can be refined to balance the mind, body, and soul. As a result, you can get a clear animation of creative expression.

Better Flexibility:

When you are flexible enough, it helps to reduce chronic joint pain and lower blood pressure. In addition, it helps to prevent injury while improving your posture. Remember that Yoga poses need too much practice to boost flexibility. When you increase your flexibility, you will learn how you should apply this to other aspects. In this article, we have mentioned the benefits of Corporate Yoga. So, practice yoga regularly and get relief from stress and workload

How Can Corporate Yoga Help The Workplace?

corporate yoga

Stress may appear due to deadlines, meetings, targets, strategies, etc. If you can’t manage properly, you will find yourself with mental & physical illnesses.
While corporate yoga helps to drive away stress, it helps to improve your overall well-being. So, you can perform yoga for a few minutes at your workplace to boost your bandwidth and productivity.

Why Is Corporate Yoga Becoming So Famous?

In the workplace, the use of yoga has become common day by day throughout the world. Several companies recognize how much yoga is important for the company’s development and arrange corporate yoga classes for employees to reduce stress.

These companies also offer corporate yoga wellness programs during the workday. These are a few statistics you should remember when it comes to talking about the growing fame of corporate yoga. Due to job stress, U.S. companies must pay about $300 billion annually via declined productivity, insurance fees, direct medical, etc. In the United States, 90% of patients come to the doctors to report their stress problems. Some companies spend $14,000 / employee yearly on productivity losses related to medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does corporate yoga cost?

Ans: The amount you need to pay for any corporate yoga program depends on the type of program and the location in India. Usually, the average cost is around Rs. 10,000 per month, which includes the instructor’s fee.

2. How much do yoga teachers charge for corporate yoga?

Ans: Usually, teachers charge $3000-$4000 per student.

3. How to find corporate yoga jobs?

Ans: You can use online resources like Craigslist, Thumbtack, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform to find Corporate Yoga Jobs.

4. How to get corporate yoga clients?

Ans: You should first create a website. Then, you need to look for yoga teacher jobs at any online site. After that, inform the company how you want to teach. Then, let them know about the yoga styles you want to teach.


Yoga is important for any person because of its low impact and versatility. Corporate yoga can be modified for people of different skill levels with degrees of flexibility. As a result, it becomes ideal for your workplace. Overall, yoga has countless advantages. The main benefit of corporate yoga is reducing stress.

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